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Are My Children Illegitimate?

I don't get asked this question very often because many people assume that they will be deemed so. This is not true! If one was ignorant of the impediment that was identified in an annulment the kids are considered legitimate by the Roman Catholic Church. In other words, if you did not know that there was something wrong with your previous marriage that would render it invalid, the offspring of that marriage are legitimate by Rome's reckoning. I submit that many (if not, most) of the people that marry believe that their marriage is perfectly valid. By Roman standards there are eleven (II) conditions or "impediments" that make a marriage invalid.

... Roman Cannon 1060

There may be many marriages that are invalid and the couple simply is not aware of it. Rome will assume that the marriage is valid unless it is proven to be otherwise..•. How does one prove that a marriage is invalid? Establish that there was an impediment.