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Interfaith Rites

This term refers to a ritual that would be acceptable to persons of more than one faith. For example, a Jewish person and a Roman Catholic could have a marriage ritual that both would find acceptable. I have co-officiated with six (8) different Rabbis. Several of them have worked with me more than once. One is a good friend of mine. We have worked together numerous times. He has worked with one of my priests a few times as well.

The ritual that I am referring to is one that calls for two officiants. It is a true Interfaith service. Additionally, one officiant could use an Interfaith Rite. I have done this many times as well. Marriages between persons of different Faith, traditions, and the utilization of a marriage rite of this type requires the dispensation of a bishop. I grant this without hesitation.

Lack of Baptism is an impediment to a sacramental marriage. It is, however, a dispensable impediment. A bishop must grant this dispensation. I grant these dispensations frequently.