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Archbishop David L. Cooper
CoupleAn officiant is someone who officiates (i.e. leads) at a service or ceremony, such as marriage, burial, or name giving/baptism. Any Denomination may ordain Officiants as members of their clergy, or by secular/Humanist or Interfaith/Interspiritual religious bodies. Officiants differ from Chaplains in that Officiants serve the unaffiliated public at large, while Chaplains are usually employed by an institution such as the military, a hospital or other health care facility, etc. The term "Officiant" also includes Justices of the Peace, celebrants, notaries, and other people empowered by law to perform legally-binding private ceremonies.

Ordination (process by which individuals are consecrated) is a requirement in a number of jurisdictions to officiate at weddings. However, each state, province and country has their own laws. In places where ordination is not required by secular law, the particular religious denomination or church decides whether or not the requirements of ordination is required.

Marriage Officiant

A Marriage officiant is a civil officer who performs acts of marriage or civil union. The main responsibility of a Marriage officiant is to receive and witness the consent of the intended spouses and to ensure the legal formalities, and therefore the validity of the marriage or civil union, observed.

Officiant's duties and responsibilities, as well as who may be an officiant, vary among jurisdictions

Our Officiants are PRIEST.

Note: It is the Vatican that has said that the Orthodox share the Catholic Faith and are separated sister Catholic Churches. The Envoy Magizine article about Archbishop Cooper is misleading. The terms Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian are synonomous. There are independent Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions all over the world. Archbishop Cooper's Order does NOT have gay or women priests.